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Safe. Simple. Smart.

The world's first mobile phone controlled neuromuscular blockade monitor.

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Nerbio's "Medical Device as a Service" is so economical you can....

...put an iTOF in Every OR

Advanced technology in the palm of your hand— with a full 4 year replacement warranty for less than $1 per day!


iOS or Android

Intuitive & easy to use.

Handsfree monitoring.

Accurate & reliable.

So smart it even
talks to you!

Safety & Efficiency

10% more OR throughput.

15% less medication.

80% less post-op events.

Meets ASA guidelines.

Low Cost Lease

Less than $1 per day.

Full replacement warranty.

No disposable costs…
No capital expenditure.

The Perfect solution for Both


- Hands free operation
- It talks to you!
- Wireless remote monitoring
- Portable battery operated
- Accurate from pediatric to geriatric

Clinicians & Administrators:


- Low cost subscription program
- Full coverage replacement warranty
- Huge ROI
- Pays for itself in days
- Meets new ASA practice standards

What Doctors Are Saying:

After using the iTOF in over 25,000 cases, hospitals report a 10% improvement in OR turnover, a 30% reduction in neuromuscular blockers and reversers, plus 70% less residual blockade complications.

Dr. Mercedes Aguirre
Dr. Mercedes Aguirre
Director Anesthesiology & Perioperative Dept., Hospital Clinico Universidad de Chile
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“The iTOF works relentlessly without problems on the different mobile phones and PCs. We find it versatile, accurate, safe, and solid.”
Dr. Sebastián Monsalves
Dr. Sebastián Monsalves
Anesthesiologist, President of the Airway Committee, Chilean Society of Anesthesiology
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Before iTOF neuromuscular monitors were scarce due to costs. Now iTOFs are in uninterrupted use in all ORs and critical patient units.”
Dr. Gladic, Dr. Mir, and Dr. Vergara
Dr. Gladic, Dr. Mir, and Dr. Vergara
Anesthesiologist Department, Hospital Carlos Cisternas de Calama
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"The iTOF improves daily clinical practice with a more precise dose of neuromuscular blocker and more accurate recovery. It has a positive impact on the quality care of our patients.”

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